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Gallery Update

Late 2015 sees a number of additions to my gallery to replace some of the older, weaker images. I am constantly trying to improve, which I hope is evident from some of the newer images.


I have now been accepted as a full member of the Guild of Motoring Artists, a worldwide organisation for artists with a close connection to motoring and motorsport art, with a rigorous selection process.
Guild of Motoring Artists

I have also been selected for inclusion on the Automotive Artists website Automotive Artists

Jaguar MkII - Atlas Editions

Jaguar Mk2 Atlas editions

My Jaguar Mk 2 painting is continuing to be offered as a free print by Atlas Editions for those responding to an offer for a die-cast model of a Jaguar Mk 2. This is rather gratifying, since the offer is nationwide. I still have the original painting, facing me in my study as inspiration for future paintings.

Classic Car Photography

During the year, I have attended a large number of car events, taking many photos. My aim is to try to take pictures which don't like they're taken at rallies. I try to post some of the best ones on my Facebook page link

Charity Land Rover

2015's annual Charity Land Rover Run was a weekend trip to Brugges to raise funds for the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust - marking the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain My annual involvement is designing the logo / T-Shirt emblem which this year is a sepia painting of a Land Rover with a Spitfire, as seen on my gallery. During the past 5 years, over £30,000 has been raised for a number of different charities. This yearís total was over £7500, and a cheque for this some was handed over to the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust in November 2015 2016ís chosen charity is the Dunsfold Collection which preserves Land Rovers of all ages, and is now a registered charity.

Greetings Cards

Many of my images have been made into A5-sized Greetings Cards in conjunction with Sandra at They are A5-sized, available individually or in packs of 5, cellophane-wrapped including envelopes. Subjects include motoring icons and buses and coaches (mainly London and the south-east). A great idea when commissioning a drawing or painting is to also have the image made into a Birthday or Christmas card, and several designs have been successfully used in this way.

Car background

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