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Low tide in Folkestone harbourA Little About Me

I am an established Kent-based motoring, wildlife and marine artist, specialising in portraits of classic cars and other vehicles. I am particularly fond of the curves and chrome of the classic sports cars built in the 1950s and 60s.
I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. My upbringing at a busy petrol station en-route to Dover docks 'fuelled' my interest in cars, buses and lorries, which became frequent subjects for my early art.
It was in the late 90s that I resolved to do more art, having done relatively little since leaving school. I enrolled in evening classes and subsequently joined several local art societies, achieving various sales and commissions along the way.
I also did some drawings and paintings of cars and buses as gifts for friends, which made me realise that it is portraying vehicles that I most enjoy.
I have therefore chosen to specialise on motoring subjects, particularly classic cars, buses & coaches and other heritage vehicles.
I welcome commissions, and create accurate, detailed and affordable portraits of vehicles, as well as wildlife and marine subjects.
The number of paintings I can undertake in any year is limited by work and family commitments, which means my art remains fairly exclusive. I tend to have a waiting list for new works, although I can normally meet specific deadlines.
All images are hand drawn and painted. I mostly use gouache (an opaque water colour often used by designers and illustrators) on Hot-pressed watercolour paper. I also use other media to achieve the detailed effects I want.
I was asked to take some greetings cards to an outside event I was attending some years ago, which proved successful, and as a result, I've had quite a few images made into cards. I now have an ever expanding range of greetings cards of motoring icons and historic buses.
I have a great enthusiasm for classic cars and I attend as many car shows and bus rallies as I can, mainly in the south-east. I take numerous photos for reference and for their own intrinsic appeal. Some of these are now on my Facebook page.
I am pleased to be actively involved in the highly popular classic car movement through my art and photography.
My other lifelong passion is wildlife, especially birds, and I have contributed a number of drawings and paintings to the RSPB and Kent Ornithological Society.

Tawny Owl - SketchCommissions

A painting of a car is a fantastic present for a car fan, especially if it's their own car!
I welcome commissions, and create precise, meticulous and reasonably priced portraits of motoring subjects. Paintings are generally 16" X 12" (A3) mounted to fit any standard 20" X 16" frame.
I ensure that I replicate all those individual touches that make the car special and unique, such as badges, wheels & tyres, accessories, etc.
A popular additional touch is to also have the image made into a greetings card, which can be opened beforehand.
The pleasure and surprise for someone to open a card to find it is their very own car is only surpassed by finding they have also been given a painting of it!
If you are interested in a painting, please contact me so we can discuss how I can turn your idea into a highly personal and unique gift.
I work from photographs for accuracy, and appreciate as many photos as possible to enable me to create the best possible likeness.
The cost of a commission depends on the size and complexity of the image. If a background is wanted, it does cost more, due to the additional work involved.
As well as classic cars, I will portray most vehicles, as well as wildlife, landscape and marine art.
I look forward to hearing from you!

Car background

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